Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hansika Motwani asked to shed weight by Ram

Hansika Motwani has been getting sweet compliments from her co-stars, directors in both Telugu and Tamil films. Her chubby looks and sweet smile adding to her decent acting abilities probably made them to praise her. But the actress could have imagined that some day her increasing weight could bring her an unexpected complaint from an actor.
Reports say that Hansika Motwani’s co-star Ram told her to shed her weight during the shooting of their upcoming Telugu movie Kandireega. It is because the actor felt that their chemistry might fail to impress the audience if she does not shed lose her weight. He thought that his lean personality could not match with her overweight look at winning the rave reviews for their combo in the film.
Hence, Ram asked Hansika Motwani to shed her weight and have slim look for Kandireega. Reports claim that the actor might have given this suggestion in a friendly manner, as they know each other since the days of Maska. However, we have to wait and see whether his advice has helped them to set the screens on fire in the film, which is releasing on August 12.