Friday, August 5, 2011

‘Daggaraga Dooranga’ Audio launched by ANR

The audio release of Sumanth’s upcoming movie ‘Daggaraga Dooramga’ took place on Thursday in Prasad Labs. ANR, Mohanbabu, C Kalyan, Atchi Reddy, Ramesh Puppala, Ashok Kumar, Prasanna Kumar, K L Damodhar Prasad and few others were present at the audio launch along with Sumanth, Vedika, Ravikumar Chavali, J Sambasiva Rao, Raghu Kunche, Kedarnath and Surendar Reddy have attended the event.

ANR launched the audio cassettes and CD and handed over the first copy to Mohan Babu.

Speaking at the audio launch, Mohan Babu said, “I have known Sambasiva Rao for several years and he had worked as a production executive in our home banner and I am sure he’ll do very well as a producer.” Music director Raghu Kunche was all praises for Ravikumar Chavali and J Sambasiva Rao and said, “I thank both of them a lot for giving me this opportunity and they have a lot of clarity of what they want. We worked a lot to compose the songs in this film. Kedarnath is one of the best lyricists I have worked with and for one of the songs, ‘Think Different’, we struggled for almost 21 days to get the right tune and lyrics. I come from a village and love to use at least one folk song in most of my films. In this film, we have taken a popular song, ‘Pedda Puli’ and rewrote the lyrics keeping the tune and spirit of the song intact. Eeshwar had originally sung the song and we approached him to sing this song in our film. Only the pallavi is same but the charanam of the song is different.” Vedika thanked the entire unit for making her feel comfortable and stated that Sumanth is a good co-star to work with.

Sumanth said, “After Golconda High School (GHS) and Raaj, I have some making up to do. I knew that GHS will be well-received and Raaj will be rejected by the audience and I was right. Now, my gut feeling is that Daggaraga Dooramga will be a good film. I listened to the script two years ago, even before Golconda High School was okayed and I am very confident about the film. It’s my first romantic thriller and I hope people don’t expect something like Godavari from this film. I know what it takes to make a film since I come from a film family and hence I put in a lot of efforts.”

ANR wrapped up the event saying, “I have survived on songs and good music in 90% of my films. I have listened to the songs in the film and they are all good. I feel that a film’s success depends on the story, director and a good producer. All the actors put together contribute only 8% to a film’s success. Most importantly I have always felt that an actor’s job is not to screw up anyone’s work.”