Friday, July 29, 2011

Sega Movie Review

Banner: Manadesam Movies
Cast: Nithya Menon, Nani
Music: Joshwa Sridhar
Producer:Ashok Vallabhaneni
Director: Anjana

Nani-Nitya starrer Sega, I believe came out with much expectations owing to the success that the couple got with their last film Ala Modalaindi. The trailers and the music heard in songs were the attracting elements. But the title certainly wasn’t obvious to the kind of impression it made. It was probably with an idea to drag audiences to the theaters.


Hero Nani, yet again bears witness for what acting and performance is about. Without a hitch, Nani seems to wear the skin of the character of a poor boy from the slums and lets you find the person he plays which feels so real. Less color on him adds to the elevation of the character. This film is his first Tamil film being dubbed in Telugu. And I have a feeling that he’s going to be one amongst the few who can stand in with success in the Tamil Industry too. On his opposite is Nitya Menon, seen consecutively for the second time. And no, you’d not be bored to watch them again. Her character is also deglamourized and wears the no-makeup look; that suits her so well and I like it! Its praiseworthy to see how Nitya continues to keep up the promising performance that she has delivered in her last two films too. Personally, I give a thumps up to the new dusky couple on the screen- Nani and Nitya. Rest of the supporting roles played by various other known artists worked exactly right for the director’s need. Karthik needs to be special mentioned for decently carrying out the action he was signed for and along with him is Bindu Madhavi who surprisingly played a prostitute which speaks for a lot of acting work. She worked boldly but the disappointment remained that it was limited doing nothing much with the length of the film.
On the technical front, any lame viewer would instantly feel the exquisite pleasure of the theme of the film. All credit to the camera work. Smart framing, dingy lighting worked more than well for the situations run through out the film. The visuals in the songs especially, soothes and lets one experience pure pleasance. Kudos to Om Prakash for all the brilliant cinematography! What synchs absolutely well with the visual effect is the film’s euphony. Whether its the veracious background score or the endearing sound of the songs, Yashua Sridhar receives a great appreciation. So the visual and sound effects leap out but what might not have equally worked is the screenplay. You’d dislike those slow moments which apparently did not add to the intensity required. Well, the story has nothing new but the director, Anjana has made her attempt in treating it with variance. It is a tough task for a lady to work with such gloomy stories. I would say, she has succeeded in some degree and not wholly.
Running time
Background score
Picturization of songs
Bad Narration
Unnecessary fights
Abrupt ending
Silly story point
So, with the threesome- friends tipping in the waters at beach in merriment and a peachy girl confessing her love in full vividness; the music and the peculiar picturing with Nani and Nitya together again finds one good number of reasons not to miss Sega. To my wonder this film isn’t about fun or passion. The plot is made on two major grounds- Drugs and Prostitution. Yeah, that sounds quite dark and sinister clouded but honestly I’m not where to categorize this- A dark film or a love story or a thriller! Director, Ajana lets herself down committing unbearable blunders. The entire first hour is dealt with a very thin story line and lessened intensity though the screen play seemed just about average. The mistake arises in the second hour which evidently speaks volumes for the inability of the director’s work. Anjana was probably trussed in a way, considering the kind of subject she took up. But the film would have worked the way it ought to only if the script had gone out-of-doors and unwrapped its murk. Not only the story developed to be pathetic but the characters also behaved unreal. The director’s so called different take has actually misfired making absolutely no sense. The title song that comes during a rough fight broke to be a comedy and it all ending abruptly leaves you with one question- Why was the movie made! If it was the music or songs that attracted you, you’re good appreciating Yashua and nothing beyond.
Apart from the music there are all good reasons to go easy and ignore the film. Anjana succeeds in drawing some crowd to the theaters but leaves them all in a state on confusion. The blurred story line and narration, ineffective screenplay and a sharp hasty end played the spoil sport. It could give you bad start to the weekend, filmies!
Its a silly Sega!
Sega Review Rating: 2.5/5