Friday, July 29, 2011

RGV goes to court to safeguard Not A Love Story

Ram Gopal Varma is not taking any chances with his much controversial film Not A Love Story slated to release on August 19.

The film, based on the life of Kannada actress Maria Susairaj who was accused of allegedly murdering Neeraj Grover along with her lover Emile Jerome Mathew, has already faced many hurdles.

And to avoid any more problems, Ramu has filed a caveat in the court to avoid stay on the judgment on the release of his film. It is a caveat against an unknown person.

A source close to Ramu said, “With strong reactions coming from Neeraj Grover’s family and friends, Ramu is anticipating that anyone can go to court and appeal for a stay on the film. Even Maria is out on bail and may want to see the film, or can demand for a stay on it. In that case, the film may get postponed or even get stuck. Ramu doesn’t want his film to suffer at any cost and has taken preventive measures to ensure a hassle-free release.”

RGV wasn’t available to comment, but Sandeep Gangatker, CEO of Dreamforce Enterprise, RGV Film Factory Ltd., confirmed, “The film is inspired from true events, but not entirely based on it. There is a probability that anyone can take advantage of certain aspects of judicial system and harass producers. They can seek an injunction or any relief that is available. Since the film deals with a sensitive subject and the stakes are high, we have taken some precautionary measures to protect our film.”