Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ram Charan Keka Reply For that Directror

The cold war of statements between Ramcharan and that director doesn’t seem to end.

In the past Dasari has accused chiranjeevi many times after he started Prajarajyam Party.

Recently the war of words started when Dasari commented on north indian heroine not attending award functions in south.

Charan defended heroines by saying that most of them attended last year’s filmfare awards.

But most of them did not attend this year and gave chance for Dasari to open his loud mouth again.
This time dasari commented that most of the younger generation heroes doesn’t know acting and equal to club dancers !

Charan tweeted his reply saying that “so called grt directors 1s are confined to only speeches and lectures on stage nowadays.its sad they cant move anyting but their mouth.”

Wonder what director or his mouthpiece that producer will do for this now….