Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nayantara: I am not quitting

Prabhu Deva and Nayantara is all set to marry soon. There was news that Nayantara is quitting the films after the marriage. Her weeping on last day of ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ sets convinced many that it would be her last shooting day as an actress.She bid farewell to other cast and crew with tears in her eyes.

When asked about the incident and quitting the films “Who said that I am going to quit acting? I have not made any decision regarding this. The reason for crying at the shooting spot of ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ was different. The love showed to me by whole cast and crew during the shooting made me emotional on last day. It was out of contol when they bid fare well by showering flowers on me. But it is not because I am quitting the films” Nayantara reasons her crying on sets.

It will be a sigh of releif to all the Nayanatara fans out there till she changes her mind!!!