Friday, July 29, 2011

Mahesh forcing Puri to hunt for new locations

Star director Puri Jagannath seems to have completed the script work of his next film ‘The Business Man’. Buzz is that he is now busy searching locations for the shooting of the film. Sources claim that Mahesh Babu is insisting on distinct locations to shoot the film in a never-seen-before locations albeit Puri was planning to shoot in places like USA, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Although the film is set in this period, the actor wants the film to have a different feel in terms of the ambience and setting. The good thing is that Puri is game with the idea of Mahesh. It is because of this reason that the director is on a look-out for locations to shoot the film new landscapes. The Businessman follows the premise of mafiaso. Thus, Mumbai is the favourite location of the both but will they stick to this?

However, the city has been presented in all its gory colours in mafia films in the past, especially Hindi. So, Puri is working extra hard to explore the locations which haven’t been captured by anyone. Well, it seems that Puri will give a tough competition to his former guru, RGV, this time around provided Mahesh Babu does not insist on change in locations. The Businessman release date will be for Sankranthi 2012