Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inkennallu & Based on Telangana Movement

Director Rafi is questioning for how long Telangana sacrifices will continue with his moive ‘Inkennallu’ on Rafi movies banner with the tagline ‘Telangana Biddalu’.He says telangana moment is also part of films and as a telanganite its his responsibility to showcase the aspirations of people and the exploitation going on them.He says the film is inspired by his earlier film ‘Maa Bhoomi’ which is a true telangana film.

He says 20 thousand families are fighting for the cause of telangana and already this time more than 600 people sacrificed their lives.Though students are steadfastly taking the moment to the next level,politicians are timepassing with mere statements. He says the film aspires for true telangana.Sujatha,Kusumanjali,Nagineedu,Bhasha are starring in the film.