Friday, July 29, 2011

Director and Producer fighting for Nayan’s mole

Bala Krishna, Nayanatara’s mythological epic Sri Rama Rajyam has recently completed its shooting. Nandamuri Balakrishna essaying the role of Lord Rama while Nayantara is Goddess Sita. Veteran Director Bapu is gearing up to arrive with his prestigious project ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’. However, the other buzz is that Bapu has been miffed with producer Yalamanchali Sai Babu.

The reason for that is a mole and it is no ordinary one. It is right above the lips of Nayan. It is heard that Sai Babu had decided to erase the beauty spot of Nayan with graphics. He felt that it will bring a commercial appeal and a glamorous look to the divine image of Sita.

But unit members reveal Bapu is angry with this idea. He was heard sharing his thoughts “What is the harm in beauty? What is the harm in having a mole? That will bring a lot of beauty? Because she is Sita, it doesn’t mean she has to be ordinary.” The cine folks say that in the film ‘Sampurna Ramayanam’ Bapu showed Chandrakala in a very beautiful way. They added that Bapu is good in showing ladies in traditionally sensuous manner so his point is valid.

Well, the film’s release will reveal whether the mole is there or not.