Saturday, October 16, 2010

Foreign Fever Of Tollywood Heroes

Like in Hindi movies, foreign locations have become new backdrop for our Telugu heroes. Recently released Venkatesh’s Chintakayala Ravi was set in USA and it was shot there for most part. Now, new movies of several Tollywood heroes have the same foreign backdrop.

NTR and V V Vinayak’s new film that begins shoot next month will be shot in either Australia or some other foreign location. No, it is not for songs. Major part of the movie is to be shot there.

Apart from NTR’s forthcoming flick, Prabhas’s recently launched, Billa, will be filmed in Malaysia for 50 per cent. As the movie is about dons and their mafia operations, the film’s script demands to be shot on a videshi bhoomi.

Mahesh Babu’s film will begin its shoot in Bahrain as the flick is an action thriller and the action part is set in the backdrop of deserts and thick forests. Hence the shooting will be made in Bahrain.

Ravi Teja’s new film with director Surender Reddy is high budgeted action movie in the scale of Dhoom and Dhoom 2. 40 to 60 percent of the film would be canned in America. YVS Chowdhary and Vishnu’s Saleem too has the same backdrop of USA.

And Vishnu’s brother Manoj’s new film Prayanam is entirely shot in an airport. Hence director Chandrasekhar Yeleti has picked up Kuala Lumpur airport for his shooting.There are many other movies that have the same foreign backdrop. Foreign is new flavor of the season.